Introducing Chalkbot, the world’s first AI tool developed specifically to work on basic feature phones in developing countries. Designed for teachers, suitable for all.

Chalkbot is open-source software and so is free of charge for those working in international development. The tool is ready for testing and we are looking for organisations to pilot it in developing countries.

Download Chalkbot Press Release here.

Download detailed project document here.

Contact Sian Lovegrove for more information and to try out Chalkbot.

Using AI on whatever phone you have in your pocket

No need for new equipment required and very little training.

Using cutting-edge AI technology, Amazon web server and a local phone number, users get the information they need by having a spoken conversation with ChatGPT.

Video explainer based on a teaching use case. Full transparency: Everything except the voice of the Tanzanian teacher, is made with AI.